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Little Fun Giant

It feels like a normal e-bike, it rides like a normal e-bike and it looks (almost) like one too. But the Yuba Kombi E5 is not a normal e-bike, because it can do so much more: transport two children, take an adult with you or even shoulder a surfboard. And of course it has a powerful electric drive. This is a huge relief for your daily errands: everyday stress becomes everyday fun. The Yuba Kombi E5 is therefore a compact, practical and super manoeuvrable alternative to a bicycle trailer or car in city traffic.

Compact – and still everything fits in

The trump card of the Yuba Kombi E5 is its dimensions: At 1.90 meters long and 60 centimeters wide, it is not much larger than a normal e-bike. You can tell by the fact that you don't notice anything: In contrast to other cargo bikes, you don't have to get used to it, the feeling is the same as on your old bike. Nevertheless, on the Yuba Kombi E5 you can take two children with you instead of one - or even your partner, if you like. And you hardly notice that either, because the electric motor easily gives you the power you need for the additional passenger. And of course you can put such a compact e-bike anywhere - even vertically in your apartment, basement or metro train.

Great performance - great price

There is hardly an e-cargo bike that brings you so much for such a price. This applies above all to the technology: The Shimano E5000 motor is not only light and powerful - it is also hard to find anywhere else at such a price. In addition, it runs so quietly that you will soon forget that it is running at all. Many normal pedelecs are more expensive - and you can't take two passengers on them! The 410 Wh in the Shimano battery is enough for every everyday route and also one or the other tour.

Family cargo bike with you on vacation

You don't want to do without your Kombi E5 during your holiday in Spain? Then take it with you! You can get your Kombi E5 on a car carrier or on the S-Bahn. Instead of having to organize a rickety rental bike on site, you can enjoy your holiday the way you love it: on the saddle of your bike. Long bike rides under the palm trees are no problem even if you can't make it non-stop from here to Cordoba. A completely different and new holiday experience, we promise!


  • Double kickstand
  • Spanninga battery-powered lights
  • Front fender
  • Rear wheelskirt
  • Deflopilator
Battery: Shimano 418Wh
Electric Drive: Shimano E5000 250 W 36 V + 418 Wh Battery + Shimano E5000 Display
Passengers: Up to 3
Child Seat: One Yepp Child Seat
Max Load Capacity: 200 kg (including rider)
Weight: 28 kg
Colour Frame: Silver/Orange, Orange/Silver
Dimensions: 191 x 63 x 107 cm
Wheelbase: 1,24 m
Shifting System: 9-speed derailleur
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
Frame: CrMo
Lighting: LED lighting
Suitable for the body size: 1,53 m - 1,95 m
Tyres: 24"
Tyre Width: 2.5''
Mudguards: front
Rims: Alloy Double Wall 36H
Wheel Skirts: back
Sattelstütze: 31,6mm

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